Unshelled almonds: health and taste

Our almonds come from the heart of an ancient almond grove in the Sicilian hinterlands. Our unshelled almonds contain all the authenticity and genuineness of our land. They are the ideal partner for your break with a healthy and tasty snack.

Minnula, our range of almond snacks inspired by tradition.
Sicily is renowned as the land of almonds and pistachios worldwide. These are precious dried fruits who are at the base of Sicilian pastry recipes, such as almond paste. Their usage also generates ancient idioms that are still used nowadays: “Ti quagghiau a Minnula”, which means “You are finally matured, you are now an adult”.

This is the same case of the term Minnula, which is the Sicilian term of almond, which sounds spread everywhere without time or space limits. It is a greek-latin origin term that spread firstly in Northern Italy, then in Sicily. Minnula left a permanent scar of itself in every culture it has met.

We were inspired by this long tradition, when we brought to life the Minnula line. This is a range of seasoned almonds with the aim to offer to you a natural tasty snack that you can bring with you, everywhere. We chose a practical pocket format and combined it with a contemporary design; all is attributed to the myth that explains how the first almond tree was born, which is the story of Phylis and Demophon.

Our unshelled almonds are the flagship product of our range of products. It is a mix of Sicilian almonds from different cultivars which are developed in the Sicilian hinterlands. Our almonds are crunchy, genuine and roasted naturally in order to preserve the taste to the fullest.

The origin of the taste: our cultivars

Our almonds come from the Sicilian hinterlands. It is about a range of different cultivars of almonds we produce – genco, ferragnes, thunder and vinci à tutti – which are cultivated next to our olive groves. In our area, it is typical to find almond and olive groves together, but we do not have an intense almond groves cultivation style.

In Barrafranca we cultivate a peculiar almond variety called “vinci à tutti” almond. We called it this way in order to reflect its own adaptiveness to all climate conditions and resistance, which is far superior than other cultivars.

Unshelled almonds: naturally good

Our almonds are cultivated according to natural law. We do not use additives or chemical substances to improve or speed up their development. The collection phase is focused to avoid stress to the plant by using strong strokes on the branches, then the cleaning of the almonds happens by mechanical means. Drying is dependent on the sun’s heat. Our unshelled almonds, such as the other products of the Minnula line, are not calibrated. They have variable size, which is the perfect way to recognize the different cultivars. All our almonds are valued equally with the goal to safeguard the biodiversity heritage of our land.

The benefits of the unshelled almonds

Almonds, such as the rest of the dried fruit family, represent key features in the Mediterranean diet.

Almonds are rich in fibers, proteins, vegetable oils, “good” fats (mono-saturated fat acids); they are one of the most nutritional ingredients available in nature.
Almonds have a high content of base vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese and iron. Thanks to that, unshelled almonds have incredible antioxidant properties and the ability to safeguard our immunity system from the actions of the free radicals. This action prevents phenomena such as cellular aging and to maintain a healthy condition.

You should adopt a new habit. To consume some unshelled almonds daily!

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