The tribute to Cetus for a delicate olive oil

Cetus (in ancient greek: Κητώ, Kētṓ) was a mythical sea goddess who was represented as an immense sea creature, like a whale, with long tentacles. Cetus was the representation of the dangers of the sea and its most unknown creatures.

Cetus was the daughter of Gaia (Earth) and Pontus (Sea) and wife of her brother, Forco. With her husband, she embodies the world of the sea creatures in all the myths in the Mediterranean sea. From this marriage, Cetus had several famous children such as: Echidna (an half-woman, half-snake creature), Scylla (the fierce creature who lived in Messina’s Strait with Charybdis), the Graeae sisters (the ones who know the location of the Gorgons), the Gorgons, the sea nymph Thoosa, the ten-headed dragon, Ladon who protected the Hesperides garden’s fruits and the Hesperides nymphs, the one who guarded the garden which belongs to Hera.

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