The chocolate benefits: all you don’t know about

Chocolate is loved by everybody. It is a healthy and tasty food where it is hardly difficult to find someone who dislikes it. The chocolate taste conquers everybody, but some of their nutrition properties are still unknown by the majority of its lovers.

Even if chocolate is considered sweet, it is actually an incredibly energetic food and contributes to the enhancement of mental faculties by improving concentration.

It is not only a gluttony delicacy but a real healthy elisir.

Do you know that chocolate scent stimulates the brain in producing theta waves as a relaxing function?
Tasting chocolate is a panacea for the mind and the body, while we are tasting it, our brain is stimulated to release endorphins, which are in charge to make a real moment of psycho-physical well-being.

Time to smile! Among all the benefits of this tasty food, there is an antioxidant function, thanks to the presence of polyphenols that contrast the skin aging.

So, eating chocolate keeps us young!
Are you unhappy? Did you have a bad day? Just eat a piece of chocolate and you will be in a good mood again!
The chocolate’s exciting and anti-depressive notes are the result of the serotonin production in the brain.

How many chocolate typologies exist?

The most authentic chocolate is the dark chocolate, but actually we use other varieties: white chocolate, milk chocolate and the pink one, the Ruby.
Experts say that the chocolate with the best nutrition properties is the one who has almost 70% cocoa beans, because it is rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, brass and potassium.

To define a dark chocolate it must have a 45% cocoa mass, while milk chocolate is made by 25% cocoa mass and 14% milk. The white chocolate does not contain cocoa mass, but 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk.

And what if it is pink?
Ruby Cocoa Bean is the name of the pink cocoa bean where this fashion chocolate comes from. Ruby chocolate is the result of a ten years research of the Belgian company Callebaut, whose aim was to find new aesthetic needs in the food company. The ruby chocolate intense taste is between sweetness and bitterness with a delicate wild berries aftertaste, by preserving the chocolate genuineness with adding dyes.

Do you want to have chocolate?

Our products are made by using the best Belgian chocolate made by Ecuadorian cocoa beans and the traditional Modica chocolate, a Sicilian excellence.

Are you a lover of dark chocolate? We suggest you to try our Pralined almonds with pure cacao from Modica Chocolate, the traditional Sicilian candied orange wheel tained with dark chocolate and almond, S cookies with almonds and chocolate or the incredible Proserpina crispy & crunchy spreadable creams made with chocolate with candied and roasted almonds.

Is your best friend a lover of delicate flavors? You should try the candied orange tained with white chocolate and almonds. She will thank you!

Do you want to try something new? Try Aphrodite, our almond crunch with ruby chocolate.

Next year will bring with it new upcoming products that will combine special chocolate varieties, such as white chocolate made with donkey milk.

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