The almond, tasty and adaptable, is the protagonist of our vegan

In the Garden of the Hesperides the sweet almonds of the different local cultivars – gum, thunder and win at all – grow kissed by the warm sun of the Sicilian hinterland. Once harvested, they are transformed into natural snacks or combined with spices and citrus fruits to give life to traditional desserts revisited in a contemporary way.
The novelty of this year is the use of this delicious fruit for the production of salted products such as mayonnaise and vegetable butter.

Some curiosities about almonds, a fruit with precious properties

As soon as it is collected, its outer shell, called husk, fleshy and green, preserves the woody shell that has a double layer: the outer one more friable and porous and the inner one instead more compact and resistant to protection of the seed. For every harvest it can happen to find some seeds with an intense and pungent taste: it is the bitter almond with an indistinguishable morphology compared to the sweet one. Its presence is due to possible grafts with ancient wild almond trees in order to make the cultivation more resistant. Almonds are an excellent source of vegetable protein, iron and magnesium counteracting the sense of fatigue and fatigue. They also have a high concentration of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that counteracts free radicals favoring cell renewal. In Italy it is mainly cultivated in Sicily, Calabria and Sardegna.

Clizia and Prometeo: our products plant-based

We wanted to experiment working with almonds to create a new line of savory goodness that could represent an alternative to conventional products such as butter and mayonnaise in a vegan friendly version.
Taking advantage of the incredible properties of almond we have come to a light and delicate emulsion that recreates for texture and taste a mayonnaise in a vegetable guise. Clizia is the result of the encounter of fragrant Sicilian almonds with the intense flavor of the extra virgin olive oil of our olives, giving up the presence of animal proteins. Try it to season salads, paired with a dish of grilled meat or to flavor gourmet sandwiches. Prometeo is the almond-based vegetable butter that comes from a careful selection of our almonds, peeled and toasted, combined with sea salt: here are the only ingredients of this creamy and really irresistible vegan specialty. Ideal for both sweet and savory combinations, it is a tasty ally of a healthy diet. Try them now!

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