Sicilian olive cultivars: a biodiversity heritage to safeguard

The olive tree, which is a key element of the Mediterranean natural panorama, is one of the most ancient trees to have been cultivated.
Its value is not limited only to the production of the olives to olive oil, the prince of the food used in the Mediterranean diet. Its value is extended to the strategic role to safeguard the natural environment by offering a refuge to different animals.
The olive trees also play a great role to contrast desertification, by reducing the loss of the surface.

Our idea of agriculture: focus on sustainability

The importance of sustainability in cultivating olives is vital in order to obtain the best results from the production, without damaging the environment and to stress the plant.
About this, our lands are worked in non-intensive methods. The peculiarity of this area is that to alternate the presence of olive trees to almond groves. This presence is a great factor, because the almond scent proprieties are part of the olive oil aromatic bouquet.
Our olives are collected by hand, then carefully cleaned and stone milled at cold temperature for 24 hours. We use an olive oil press in continuous cycle extraction in two phases, where temperature is from 22° C to 25° C; this is the key which allows us to bring to life an extraordinary olive oil.
Then, the olive oil is bottled and let to decant for almost 15 days.
Heraia evo oil is produced only by olives, without any use of chemical substances. It is genuine and natural. This Evo oil preserves all the precious benefits of the fruits.

The different olive cultivars come from our lands

Each olive cultivar shows different and peculiar properties in terms of flavour and taste.
The Sicilian olive varieties are twenty-five, among them, the one we have for our olive oils are: Moresca, Tonda Iblea, Etna’s Nocellara, Biancolilla and Cerasuola.
Moresca is a black olive with purple nuances. Its taste is very intense and spicy and it is very present at the end of the palate. Because of these features, it has a very high percentage of polyphenols, which are very beneficial for our health.
Tonda iblea is a typical olive on the territory of the ancient Hybla Heraia. Its special and delicate flavour is its typical mark of authenticity.
Etna’s Nocellara is a very big and light-green olive. It is very intense and it is generally used as a supportive cultivar to blend olive oil and balance the aromatic bouquet.
Biancolilla is one of the most appreciated olive cultivars in the Sicilian hinterlands. This olive brings to life a balanced, aromatic and savory Evo oil.
In conclusion, Cerasuola olive is the most widespread cultivar in the Sicilian south-west area. It is an olive cultivar with a strong feature and incredible grass aromatic notes.

Guide to the interpretation of Heraia olive oil labels

Our labels will help you to choose the best olive oil according to your taste.
To start with the most delicate olive oil, you will find Tunna, which shows an octopus on the label. The reason is because we suggest using this olive oil for seafood and soups.
Pandora shows a shoal of fish on the label. It is a medium-delicate olive oil to be used in more elaborate dishes.
Bianchetta is a balanced and versatile olive oil. Its label shows agave plant leaves to indicate its dual usage: sweet but slightly intense. It is ideal to salted vegetables or salads.
In the label of our Iannusa, we show a snake with the aim to identify an intense, bitter and spicy olive oil. This olive oil is rich in polyphenols and puts value on food such as meat and fried foods.
The olive oil jar “Oro di Gorgone ” is an extra virgin olive oil that is very intense and tasty. We made a very careful selection of olives from our lands, then we left the olive oil in steel tanks to decant. By this process, this olive oil acquires unique features. We suggest it to special meats like fiorentina, cured meats and cheese.

Extravirgin Olive Oil represents a heritage made of beneficial properties for our health. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and it is regarded as the healthier vegetable fat.

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