Sicilian granita at home

The freshness of the lemon and orange from Sicily and the rich taste of the almond and the Sicilian chocolate are embodied into a practical format. Learn more about our line of Sicilian artisanal granita and enjoy the typical Sicilian breakfast at home.

La granita siciliana tra tradizione e innovazione

The typical Sicilian breakfast is made of granita and the Sicilian brioche; it is one of the most loved breakfast in the world.
The story of granita begins during the Arab domination of Sicily with the recipe they imported in Sicily, which is called sherbet ( a frozen drink from the East which is prepared with orange, lemon or pineapple juice, or rose waters and petals.)
This recipe spread in Sicily thanks to the job of nivarolis, those who collected the snow from Hyblei Mounts, Peloritanis, Nebrodi and Etna’s Volcano. They stored snow in an ancient natural freezer called “nivere”.

The real turning point was in the XVI century, thanks to technological innovation. Nivaroli added salt to the snow as a refrigerant, then they invented the cockpit to store the result. Then they added water, sugar and fruit juice to the cockpit. As follows, they move a lever that scratches the ice little by little until it acquires a thin and creamy consistency: this is the beginning of the story of the Sicilian granita.

The staff of Heraia revisited the ancient Sicilian granita recipes in a contemporary way by paying tribute to tradition. A new era for Sicilian granita has begun; an era between innovation and creativity.

This is how our Sicilian artisanal granita was born… in a liquid format!


We use only high-quality ingredients, sugar, chocolate, almond and Sicilian citrus fruits. We process them in an artisanal way. Our aim is to make a range of granita products that can voyage everywhere and preserve the authentic taste of our land.

How to prepare Sicilian granita at home

Our Sicilian artisanal granita is available in lemon, red orange, chocolate and almond flavors. Our granita appears into a liquid format and can be stored at environmental temperature, without any deteriorations. It takes very few and simple phases to prepare it and to taste all its freshness.

Put granita in the freezer after removing the paper box. After less than 20 minutes, move the products to shape to the rightful consistency – it can be similar to a classic sorbet or an ice cream; it goes according to your pleasure – and wait for another 20 minutes. Granita is now ready to be eaten the way of the best Sicilian bars.

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