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Sicilian Granita Almond

Prepared for granita based on Sicilian almonds to enjoy the authentic Sicilian granita at home.

The preparation of granita with the taste of Sicilian almond allows you to easily prepare it at home. Just follow the instructions and you can serve the authentic Sicilian granita, as if you were in front of the best bars and ice cream parlors in Sicily.


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Sicilian granita mix almond scented is a new solution to have the authentic Sicilian granita at home.

This granita is in its liquid form and may be stored at environment temperature. To make the granita, instruction must be followed as here reported

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Additional information

How to taste the Granita?

Place the mixture in the freezer at -18 ºF/-20 ºF for about 20 minutes. Check the desired consistency. Open the bag and pour the contents to taste the granita.

Nutritional informations

ENERGY 106 kcal 451 kj, total fats 0.07 g, of which 0 g saturated, CARBOHYDRATES 26 g, of which Sugars 25 g, PROTEINS 0.05 g, SALT 0.001 g


water, sugar, peeled almonds, glucose, fructose, flavorings, dextrose, guar gum, starch, potassium sorbate.

Storage conditions

Keep out of light and heat sources. Store in room at room temperature.

Net weight

125 ml / 4,43 fl oz


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