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Crunchy Salted Almonds

Prometheus – Salted Almond Crunch is a primordial crunch line. A special entire almond crunch bar.

This crunch is worked roughly, by following the old fashioned style. This crunch are well displayed and they are very good.

This line was tributed to Prometheus, the titan who bestow the fire to humanity. By following the myth, we bestow to umanity the primordial crunch snack.




The Salted Almond Crunch is a tribute to the Titan, Prometheus. He was the one who stole the fire and bestowed it to humanity, against the will of Zeus. To tribute this story, this Prometheus crunch bestow the knowledge of the primordial crunch to humanity

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Additional information

Weight230 g
Dimensions4.2 × 2.2 × 9 cm
Nutritional values

ENERGY 594 kcal 1123 kj, TOTAL FATS 28.8g, of which saturated 8,3g, CARBOHYDRATES 52g, of which sugars 52g, FIBERS 1,9g, PROTEIN 10,8g, SALT 0.2g

Net weight

200 g / 7,05 oz


almonds *, sugar, acacia honey, sea salt, citric acid, rosemary, olive oil.



Origin Ingredients

Almonds of Italian origin (Sicily) of our production. Honey of Italian origin. Salt of Italian origin. Sugar of Italian origin

Additional Information

It may contain traces of shell

To be consumed preferably by

6 months from the date of production declared on the label.

Produced and Packaged by

craft workshop in the underground district snc, 94012 Barrafranca on behalf of HERAIA


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