Tribute to Abduction of Persephone.

A selected range of artisan spreadable creams made by ourselves. It is inspired by the alteration of seasons. According to the myth, this phenomena happens by the presence of young Proserpine in our world: the period she is present here is around the beginning of Spring and the ending of Summer.

Proserpine was the daughter of Ceres, the goddess of agriculture. Proserpine was an innocent maiden, who spent her time with her younger sisters around the fields surrounding the Persuga Lake, in Sicily. One day, while she was picking some flowers with other maidens, Hades noticed her and fell in love with her instantly. One day, Proserpine went to pick some flowers alone; that was the right moment for Hades to kidnap her by force and bring her into his kingdom: the underworld. Hades’ goal was to marry the young maiden. Ceres noticed the absence of her beloved daughter and started to look for her everywhere. Finally she learns the truth by Elios, the god of the Sun. Ceres’ wrath was so much greater that she abandoned her duties, by causing starvation and drought. The situation was very serious, hence Zeus assigned to Ermes the task to go to the underworld and force Hades to free Proserpine.

Thus, the divine messenger arrived to the underworld to complete his task, but it was too late. Proserpine ate a pomegranate seed after a long period of fasting. That was a plan made by Hades to make a strong bond with the maiden and the underworld by eating a fruit who belongs to that world. Proserpine was now part of the underworld kingdom forever. Ceres became even more enraged after learning the fate of her daughter. She went on her rebellion and Earth and humans were suffering by the continuous starvation and drought. Therefore, Zeus made the decision to solve this problem by finding a solution that would satisfy both his siblings: Proserpine would have spent two-thirds of the year with her mother, in the living world, while the remaining part as the queen of the underworld with her husband, Hades.

Time to find our precious Proserpina spreadable creams

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