Heraia excellences awarded for the quality of raw materials and the refinement of design

The different cultivars of the Garden of the Hesperides give life to a series of extra virgin olive with different sensory characteristics. It is on the basis of these that we recommend the combination with fish, meat or vegetables. The attention to the pack made for our oils is expressed both in the modern design and in the quality of the bottles made in collaboration with Cerruto Ceramica.

The extra virgin olive oil awarded by Olio Officina

For the third consecutive year we participate in the competition “The forms of the oil” announced by Olio Officina whose purpose is to raise awareness of the producers of a constant improvement in quality not only of the organoleptic characteristics of the oil produced but also of the packaging in order to stimulate greater aesthetic and functional research of the bottles.
In 2020 we were awarded the Golden Award for Best Packaging for Gourmet Oils for Catering, Wine Shops, Oil Shops and Gourmet Food Shops. In addition, our ceramic Orci have been awarded the Silver Award for the originality of the shape and design and the Golden Award for the Best Commercial Oil for retail. Last year we confirmed the same goals while 2022 has reserved us the highest merit in receiving by Olio Officina the Platinum Award for Gourmet Oils both for catering and Line Commercial Oils Gourmet. In addition, the ceramics we choose for our Orci earn even greater appreciation by also receiving the Platinum Award.
Gorgone’s new orcio Oro was also successful in Great Britain where it was awarded with the Gold Award at the Mediterranean Taste Awards in London 2022 for the aesthetics of design and functionality of packaging. These awards, together with the renewed appreciation from customers around the world, repay all the commitment and dedication that we employ every day in the care of our olives, creating products that aim more and more towards excellence.

The uniqueness of the taste of Sicilian almonds conquers everyone

Among the awards also received the fine almonds of the Garden of Hesperides collect the appreciation of the Mediterranean Taste Award, specifically the Minnula with Figs and Black Pepper are awarded by receiving the Platinum Award for excellent taste. Our daily commitment is aimed at the maximum enhancement of the products of the Sicilian territory, as argonauts of taste our mission is to discover new flavors and allow them to reach the most refined palates. Go to the shop to compose your box of gourmet excellence.

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