About us

Mythical goodness from the heart of Sicily

From the desire to enhance the heritage and excellence of the area, the mythical Heraia delicacies are born, new, daring and high-quality sweet and savory gourmet specialties.

Thanks to the careful selection of the best cultivars of the Sicilian hinterland, manual harvesting and cold pressing within 24 hours, we are able to offer you an intense and bewitching extra virgin olive oil, like the land from which it originates.

With the same care and research, we have revisited the confectionery specialties of the Sicilian tradition and created for you a line of sweets, crunches, creams and savory snacks capable of surprising and enchanting for the combinations of taste, the genuineness of the raw materials used and the design packaging, made of natural paper that is friendly to the Planet.

Our Hesperide's garden

Where past, present and future intertwine, our garden of the Hesperides rises, a mystical place dominated by the beauty of nature and its precious fruits.

Located in the heart of the Sicilian hinterland, and more precisely in Barrafranca in the province of Enna, our garden grows luxuriantly, throwing its roots on the remains of an ancient almond and olive grove cultivated since 1961 by the Gentile company. Like modern nymphs, we guard and protect the wonderful fruits, picking the best ones to transform them into irresistible goodness.

Olive trees, almond trees, pistachios, citrus fruits and durum wheat fields alternate with each other in a serene coexistence that emanates a unique poetry as much as extra virgin olive oil, sweets, crunchy, creams and all the gourmet specialties that are daughters.

Raccolta olive Siciliane

Our excellences

The deep respect and passion that binds us to our land pushes us every day to preserve and enhance its fruits through cultivation and processing in harmony with nature. 

We protect the biodiversity of our territory by enhancing the indigenous cultivars and making them known in the world and to the new generations through products of the highest quality.

Biancolilla, Nocellara dell’Etna, Cerasuola, Leucolea, Moresca and Tonda Iblea give life to our fine selection of extra virgin olive oil. Genco, Tuono, Ferragnes and Vinci to all are the tasty almonds at the base of our sweet and savory specialties.

The masters of taste

To preserve the organoleptic characteristics of our raw materials and enhance their flavor and nutritional properties, we have entrusted their processing to the best artisans of Sicily.

With ancient wisdom, deep-rooted passion and great competence, they treat the precious fruits of the territory without the help of preservatives and artificial colors, raising them naturally and with an artisanal method to maximum pleasantness.

True masters of taste capable of exploring new boundaries of pleasure in the balance of flavors and in the overall harmony of contrasts.

An urban legend

Sicily is art, nature, culture, myth and legend, a story made of beauty, wisdom, traditions, customs and treasures to be preserved and made known to the whole world.

Escaping from stereotypes, we looked for new words, symbols and images to describe our land.

We let ourselves be enchanted by the sirens of the myth and experimenting with design, pop colors and new materials, we gave life to our narrative of Sicily: Heraia, an imaginary gorgon that bears the ancient name of the Sicilian hinterland and all the fruits of this beautiful land. A myth, perhaps a legend, certainly metropolitan.

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