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territorio mandorle e olive Heraia a Barrafranca

From Myth
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Heraia: mythical Savory Goodness from the Sicilian Hinterlands

The mythical savory goodness, branded Heraia, were born from the will to enhance heritage and the specialities of a hidden land. New sweet and salted specialities, from bold ideas with high quality ingredients.

Thanks to the careful selection of the best cultivars of the Sicilian hinterlands, such as the manual collection and the 24h cold-pressure system, we are able to offer an intense and charming extra-virgin olive oil, such as the land it belongs to.

With the same care, we have reconceived the classic sweets specialities from the Sicilian tradition and made up a line of sweet delicacies, crunch snacks, creams and salted snacks for you.

Our aim is to amaze you through new pairings, underlying the quality of the raw materia. In the end, the packaging is on focus; everything made up in natural paper to be respectful to our Planet.

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The best
Sicilian fruit

Indigenous almonds, valuable olive cultivars from Sicily, pistachio, hazelnuts, chocolate and a blast of Sicilian citrus fruits: all the best from an island with a limitless range of food specialities.
The ancient tradition of the Sicilian pastry. The know-how of olive oil makers. The creativity aimed to amaze the new generations, in order to bring to life new food delicacies of the heritage of Sicilian food.

The art of

The pleasure to be

We are looking at Sicily with a new perspective. We caught unique beautiful stories from visionary artists and timeless artisans. Discovering lost delicacies, transforming them into unique and researched gourmet delicacies.

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